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Don’t gamble on your property assets when hiring contractors that won’t pledge the amount of quality and expertise it takes to keep you running. Elite Maintenance will ensure you and your tenants are safe, comfortable and content. Commercial property maintenance services are essential to keeping your business looking and running professionally. 

Home property maintenance services are available such as water line replacements, septic tank replacements, driveway paving, walkway installations, foundation repair and roof replacements. Experience property management the Elite way.

Residential/Commercial Property Maintenance

Grease trap replacement prep work elite maintenance

Grease Trap

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Contact us today to replacement your commercial restaurant grease trap.

Pool removal before
pool removal after

Pool Removal

Own a property with an old pool you want removed? Let’s do it. Give us a call and we’ll get rid of it today!

septic water line replacement

Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement services from Southern Maryland’s full-service general contractor. We do it all, from large jobs to small.

roof replacement elite services southern maryland
stone walkway installation
New roofing job

Roofing & Walkways

Precise and accurate roofing solutions and stone walkways installations.

commercial excavating southern md property maintenance
Excavating services southern maryland contractors

Excavating Contractors

Repair, check. Breath easy, Elite Maintenance will find the answer to your problems.

outdoor ceiling replacement elite services

Structure Repair

Securing the foundation of your property is essential. Trust the Elite professionals to repair older homes and commercial properties.

Damage Repair

Mother nature can and will damage your property. We’ll reverse that damage. Things will be good as new when we leave.

general services southern md

Siding Repair

Your property is in safe hands. Don’t be discouraged when other contractors say no. Elite Maintenance says yes.


Don’t let your HVAC systems go without professional preventative property maintenance. Call the Elite solution today!


We cut no corners. Customer service is our business and we strive to have only the best.


Extensive knowledge and a drive to finish every job to your satisfaction = accuracy. A formula and result of the Elite difference.


We specialize in repair and making things look the way they did as you remember them.